October 30, 2009

The Vatican is a collector of souls

Greg Szymanski's Confession to the Jesuits No. 25

Why is the Vatican obsessed with bones and relics?

What is the essence of their satanic rituals surrounding human remains?

In other words, why is the Vatican so evil and what is their ultimate objective?

O'Collins questions may seem strange to mainstream America kept in the dark about Vatican evils and their role as the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order. But to people "in the know" fully aware that all roads lead to Rome when it comes to figuring out the power structure behind the New World Order, the questions raised by O'Collins need to be answered while the evils of the Vatican finally need to be exposed.
"The answer to why the Vatican is obsessed with bones and relics is both simple and supremely evil," said O'Collins from his home in Australia. "The Vatican is a collector of souls. The Vatican has been collective souls for over fourteen centuries, damning souls to an existence of torment and obedience to demons controlled by the Vatican, in turn giving them unprecedented and real spiritual power."

O'Collins, has authored a quasi-legal document called The Almanac of Evil, pinning the Vatican hierarchy, including the Jesuit Order, with a litany of serious crimes violating international treaties and international law. The charges include but are not limited to prostitution, trafficking of prohibited narcotics, money laundering, murder, political assassination, fraud, pedophile rings, institutional incest, arms trade, as well as crimes against humanity including but not restricted to genocide, sadistic torture, germ warfare, ritual and Satanic murder and cannibalism, child slavery, general slavery and wholesale destruction and suppression of human history, knowledge and wisdom.

The defendants listed in this quasi-legal document, a document still remaining in the court of public opinion, include:
1. Pope Benedict XVI, also known as Joseph Alois Ratzinger
2. Cardinal William Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and all officials and staff of what if formerly known as the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, formerly known as the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition
3. the remaining Heads of departments including all officials of the Roman Curia, otherwise known as The Holy See, otherwise known as the Vatican
4. all regional cardinals, archbishops and bishops not attached to the Curia
5. all heads of orders of priests, nuns and monks

O'Collins will appear for his third interview on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal at RepublicBroadcasting.org Tuesday at 11 am central time presenting a case that most people have failed to realize or even have considered that the right combination of historic elements in combination can and will destroy the most evil organization to ever walk the earth. In fact, according to O'Collins, the Bible itself provides some (not all of the clues) of the clues.
Regarding the upcoming Tuesday radio interview as well as trying to answer the key question regarding why the Vatican is so evil and what is their ultimate objective, O'Collins added:

I look forward to the upcoming interview. I understand and what is more, I apologize for not providing you and your listeners with enough information to answer not just how evil is the Vatican, but why?

Why are they so determined to destroy the US from the inside?
Why do they continue to kill people?
Why do they continue to hold the future of the world to ransom?
After twenty years of research let me explain more clearly what I know in answer to this specific questions, why are they so evil? What is their ultimate objective?

The key question of questions regarding the Vatican: Why are they so evil? What is their ultimate objective?
I read and continue to read all the articles and comments of your excellent array of guests, particularly the new information and proof you have managed to gather concerning the evil actions of the Vatican and their subversion of the United States.
But the key question of why, what is their ultimate objective, remains less clear.

1) On the surface, one could say it is an ancient war of payback for the emergence of protestant thinking and its connection to the founding of the United States. But this is nothing near the deeper and truly shocking reasons for their actions.

2) At a deeper level, one could say their actions against the United States is because of a many centuries old plan for world domination for which the United States has become a key element. But the Vatican has always controlled the destiny of the Western world behind the scenes for over fifteen hundred years, so such theories don't hold.

3) Digging further towards the truth, one could argue that the Declaration of Independence is a direct affront against the religious supremacy of the Catholic Church and if all nations enacted such concepts, then the church would lose its temporal powers. This is true and getting closer, but still far from the underlying reason of why.

4) Now digging towards the core, one could state the shocking truth that the Vatican is in fact the epicenter of evil that it is an organization run by Satanists, child murderers and corrupters who regard all positive systems such as democracy, particularly democracies that work, as their first and foremost threat.
This is I believe the central objective of the Vatican against the United States: that it must not just ensure the collapse of the United States from within, but prove to the rest of the world that democracy is a flawed model, compared to theocratic fascism under Vatican controlled dictators.

Regardless of how poorly you now regard me or my insights, for the sake of America, this explanation of why? Why target the United States from the inside needs to be not only considered but explained to the American people, so they understand the why, for them.
Into the Lair of the Beast:
But I need to take you even further down to understand the ultimate why. Why cause such chaos, the destruction of so many, the pain of so many souls? What is the end game for the Vatican?
This then is the core, and arguably explains just how powerful and mindblowing the evil you are facing.

Curse the sheep in this life and the next:
A wonderful story told to those who are alive is that somehow when we die, a "higher force" helps us overcome the difficulties of our lives.
But what about the souls of those who died in the flames of the ovens of Vatican controlled concentration camps during World War II? Do you honestly believe that such tortured souls somehow find peace?
What about those who have died under torture by priests, who have been burned at the stake? Have they somehow found peace?

The answer is both simple, and supremely evil. The Vatican is a collector of souls.
The Vatican has been collective souls for over fourteen centuries, damning souls to an existence of torment and obedience to demons controlled by the Vatican, in turn giving them unprecedented and real spiritual power.
Millions upon millions of souls trapped. Millions upon millions of still tormented souls who are forced through the twisted evil of the Vatican Latin rites to continue their obedience to Rome, long after their death. This is and has always been their ultimate, supremely evil objective.

Living souls can be unpredictable and weak. They can fall into behaviours like revolt, like democracy. But dead souls, particularly those who have suffered and died at the hands of an appointed Catholic mass murdering dictator are the lifeblood of their existence. The more the better. Fresh condemned souls are always more powerful than old ones. That is because as time goes by, even the dead go numb from pain.
But fresh mass murder by the hand of the Vatican can produce a powerful new spiritual army of condemned souls capable of being used for their own ends. Without understanding the why, nothing makes sense. All the stories just sound like accusations without a clear motive. But understand the deepest motive and you see the battleground through the eyes of your enemy.
This is not a war just between the living, but a war between the living and the dead. Without this knowledge, everything I have said to you previously just sounds strange, and quite possibly wrong. Again, I apologize for not being clearer. My only hope is that because of your extensive journey and your personal strength, you will understand precisely the importance of the why, not just the how."

According to "Almanac of Evil" author O'Collins, the Vatican and Jesuit Order can be destroyed with the right combination of historic elements
Frank O'Collins, whose uncle is a top Jesuit thinker and writer, knows "all roads lead to Rome," but has to come against some influential family members as well as fight the evil hierarchy of the powerful Satan worshippers in the Vatican.
O'Collins will appear for his second interview […] presenting a case that most people have failed to realize or even have considered that the right combination of historic elements in combination can and will destroy the most evil organization to ever walk the earth. In fact, according to O'Collins, the Bible itself provides some (not all of the clues) of the clues.

"The reason is that people view their wealth, following and buildings as insurmountable obstacles when the church has always been founded on just a handful of ideas. If those ideas are unraveled, if those ideas are superseded and integrated then their power will cease. They will disintegrate into chaos rapidly," said O'Collins in an email previewing the Tuesday radio show, whose uncle Fr. Gerald O'Collins SJ is arguably the most senior Catholic and Jesuit theologian in the world today.

"What he writes is published throughout the world. When he speaks, leaders of many different Christian faiths listen," added O'Collins. "Guess who his best friends are? That's right the current Pope is a friend of over 40 years, dating back to when they were both at Jesuit institutions together. So is the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has regularly attended functions for Gerald, launched books on his behalf and entertained him as a guest and decades old close and personal friend. My great uncle, Jim O'Collins, was one of the personal secretaries to the Pope during the Second Vatican Council. It goes on and on, century after century. Never 'famous' enough to be noticed in the public eye, but always there."

For other clues on how to topple the Satanic evil in the Vatican by unraveling the "few ideas the Church is founded on", O'Collins said: "If those ideas are unraveled and if those ideas are superseded and integrated, then their power will cease. They will disintegrate into chaos rapidly. For example:

i) the revelation of truth concerning their reign of evil in the context of divine revelation from God/as scripture (e.g. see Almanac of Evil as one of 144 books of the Supreme Bible of God)

ii) the coming of a new Jerusalem, not necessarily physically, but as a concept (exempli gratia see one-jerusalem.org the united state of humanity)

iii) the coming of the Messiah as an official position, elected by all Christians and Jews rather than yet another person claiming to be "the" messiah (e.g. see The Messiah)
iv) the official end of the war in heaven between good and evil via the Treaty of Lucifer and the constitution of One Heaven (e.g. one-heaven.org)

v) the uniting of all great spiritual forces of planet Earth into one great ecumenical event (see the Great Conclave of One Islam, One Faith of God, One Spirit Tribe and One Heaven in 2012)

vi) the reformation and unity of just and fair government through the wholesale improvement of all fundamental laws including civil codes, criminal codes, judicial codes, police codes, military codes, prison codes etc. (see heal-the-earth.org on UN charter reform, and see the six union sites for reformation of regional unions of states america-union, asia-union, arabia-union, ocean-union, europe-union, africa-union and the restoration of rights and decency and the end of evil)

vii) the revelation of the true identity of the antichrist (not as the son of the devil, but of the bloodline of Judah with the power to be a messiah, but ante-rejects Christ-title of messiah – one who rejects the title of messiah)

2. Thinking in reverse – everything the church says is evil, has probably a basis of truth
The Catholic Church has been petrified about the coming of the antichrist more than any other sign for most of its history. The funny thing is that most of us have traditionally thought of the person as pure evil, consistent with church teaching. But knowing the true Satanic evil of the Vatican, why are they so scared? What is it about the antichrist that so fears them?

The problem with any rational discussion is that even all those who believe the Vatican is evil, still think of the anti-christ in the Vatican's PR model and Hollywood films. As I am sure you are aware, the term Messiah from the Jewish heritage applied only to those as blood descendents of the House of Judah, the line of David, the line of King Zedekiah.
The problem is that from 600 BCE, when Nebuchadnezzar ordered the execution of all noble Israelite blood only one true and historical account of survival of direct blood descendents remained – the saving of Princess Tamar Tephi to Ireland to marry into the oldest priest lines of humanity, the divine holly ones, known as the cuilleain, "coil/cuil" (woods) + "lia" (stone/physician) + "an/in" (bird/divine spirit) (also "cualann", "cuileann" and "cuilieann").

Therefore it is only a person from that bloodline that rightly can call themselves a Messiah, if they have been properly anointed. Of course, the Bible says that Jesus was of the House of Judah and was anointed. It is one thing for a person of this bloodline to reveal this history outside of the few church officials and historians who know the truth, it is an entirely different thing for such a person to reject the notion of Messiah.
The whole system of the Vatican is predicated that people inevitably will find the temptation of power overwhelming and therefore seek to create their own churches – easily defeated, absorbed by Rome in an endless parade of people who imply or state directly they are the messiah. But a person who rejects the notion, represents the end point – the last. If there are no more divinely appointed messiahs, then there can be no more church to control such procedures and doctrine.

3. The Lenten message and reflection of Cardinal Biffi is the most significant and virtually only sanctioned point of Vatican calendar that permits the consideration of official prophecy of events to unfold. It is officially sanctioned by the Pope himself and so cannot be underestimated in importance.
So for a 78 year old Cardinal to be speaking about the things mentioned above and their great fear of the antichrist is equally significant. It means they have a greater appreciation of the impending danger they face.
To make it public is also interesting, possibly because they are confident enough that 99.9 % of the population see the antichrist as evil.
This is war, Greg.
You and I did not choose it. Nor, if we had a choice would be probably want to know what we now do. But history is a strange bedfellow. I now find my ultimate challenge, my ultimate destiny is to face a family who has always protected me and see to its salvation through its destruction. A strange state of affairs.
Maybe I am reading too much into the words of Cardinal Biffi. Maybe I am not. Yet all things must end some time."

October 19, 2009

Der Schrei zu Gott

Wo war Gott in jenen Tagen?

Wir können in Gottes Geheimnis nicht hineinblicken – wir sehen nur Fragmente und vergreifen uns, wenn wir uns zum Richter über Gott und die Geschichte machen wollen. Dann würden wir nicht den Menschen verteidigen, sondern zu seiner Zerstörung beitragen. Nein – im letzten müssen wir bei dem demütigen, aber eindringlichen Schrei zu Gott bleiben: Wach auf! Vergiß dein Geschöpf Mensch nicht! Und unser Schrei an Gott muß zugleich ein Schrei in unser eigenes Herz hinein sein, daß in uns die verborgene Gegenwart Gottes aufwache – daß seine Macht, die er in unseren Herzen hinterlegt hat, nicht in uns vom Schlamm der Eigensucht, der Menschenfurcht und der Gleichgültigkeit, des Opportunismus verdeckt und niedergehalten werde.
Wir stoßen diesen Ruf an Gott, diesen Ruf in unser eigenes Herz hinein, gerade auch in dieser unserer gegenwärtigen Stunde aus, in der neue Verhängnisse drohen, in der neu alle dunklen Mächte aus dem Herzen des Menschen aufzusteigen scheinen – auf der einen Seite der Mißbrauch Gottes zur Rechtfertigung blinder Gewalt gegen Unschuldige, auf der anderen Seite der Zynismus, der Gott nicht kennt und den Glauben an ihn verhöhnt.
Wir rufen zu Gott, daß er die Menschen zur Einsicht bringe, damit sie erkennen, daß Gewalt keinen Frieden stiftet, sondern nur wieder Gewalt hervorruft – eine Spirale der Zerstörungen, in der alle am Ende nur Verlierer sein können. Der Gott, dem wir glauben, ist ein Gott der Vernunft – einer Vernunft, die freilich nicht neutrale Mathematik des Alls, sondern eins mit der Liebe, mit dem Guten ist. Wir bitten Gott, und wir rufen zu den Menschen, daß diese Vernunft, die Vernunft der Liebe, der Einsicht in die Kraft der Versöhnung und des Friedens die Oberhand gewinne inmitten der uns umgebenden Drohungen der Unvernunft oder einer falschen, von Gott gelösten Vernunft. [...] All diese Gedenksteine künden von menschlichem Leid, lassen uns den Zynismus der Macht ahnen, die Menschen als Material behandelte und sie nicht als Personen anerkannte, in denen Gottes Ebenbild aufleuchtet. [...]

Die Machthaber des Dritten Reiches wollten das jüdische Volk als ganzes zertreten, es von der Landkarte der Menschheit tilgen – auf furchtbare Weise haben sich da die Psalmworte bestätigt: "Wie Schafe werden wir behandelt, die zum Schlachten bestimmt sind." Im tiefsten wollten jene Gewalttäter mit dem Austilgen dieses Volkes den Gott töten, der Abraham berufen, der am Sinai gesprochen und dort die bleibend gültigen Maße des Menschseins aufgerichtet hat. Wenn dieses Volk einfach durch sein Dasein Zeugnis von dem Gott ist, der zum Menschen gesprochen hat und ihn in Verantwortung nimmt, so sollte dieser Gott endlich tot sein und die Herrschaft nur noch dem Menschen gehören – ihnen selber, die sich für die Starken hielten, die es verstanden hatten, die Welt an sich zu reißen. Mit dem Zerstören Israels, mit der Schoah, sollte im letzten auch die Wurzel ausgerissen werden, auf der der christliche Glaube beruht und endgültig durch den neuen, selbstgemachten Glauben an die Herrschaft des Menschen, des Starken, ersetzt werden. [...]
Es war mir eine innere Pflicht, auch vor dem Gedenkstein in deutscher Sprache besonders innezuhalten. Von dort tritt das Gesicht von Edith Stein, Theresia Benedicta vom heiligen Kreuz, auf uns zu – Jüdin und Deutsche, die zusammen mit ihrer Schwester im Grauen der Nacht des nazideutschen Konzentrationslagers verschwunden ist, die als Christin und als Jüdin mit ihrem Volk und für ihr Volk sterben wollte. Die Deutschen, die damals nach Auschwitz-Birkenau verbracht wurden und hier gestorben sind, wurden als Abschaum der Nation hingestellt. Aber nun erkennen wir sie dankbar als die Zeugen der Wahrheit und des Guten, das auch in unserem Volk nicht untergegangen war. Wir danken diesen Menschen, daß sie sich der Macht des Bösen nicht gebeugt haben und so als Lichter in einer dunklen Nacht vor uns stehen. Wir beugen uns in Ehrfurcht und Dankbarkeit vor all denen, die wie die drei Jünglinge angesichts der Drohung des babylonischen Feuerofens geantwortet haben: "Wenn überhaupt jemand, so kann nur unser Gott [...] uns retten. Tut er es aber nicht, so sollst du, König, wissen, auch dann verehren wir deine Götter nicht und beten das goldene Standbild nicht an, das du errichtet hast" (Dan 3:17 f.). [...]

Gottlob wachsen im Umkreis dieser Stätte des Grauens mit der Reinigung des Gedächtnisses, zu der sie uns drängt, vielfältige Initiativen, die dem Bösen eine Grenze setzen, dem Guten Kraft geben wollen. Eben durfte ich das Zentrum für Dialog und Gebet segnen. Ganz nah dabei vollzieht sich das verborgene Leben der Karmelitinnen, die sich besonders dem Geheimnis des Kreuzes Christi verbunden wissen und uns an den Glauben der Christen erinnern, daß Gott selbst in die Hölle der Leiden abgestiegen ist und mit uns leidet. In Oswiecim besteht das Zentrum des heiligen Maximilian und das Internationale Zentrum für die Erziehung über Auschwitz und den Holocaust. Es gibt das Internationale Haus für Jugendbegegnungen. Bei einem der alten Gebetshäuser besteht das Jüdische Zentrum. Schließlich ist die Akademie für die Menschenrechte im Aufbau begriffen. So dürfen wir hoffen, daß aus dem Ort des Grauens Besinnung wächst und daß das Erinnern hilft, dem Bösen zu widerstehen und der Liebe zum Sieg zu verhelfen.
Die Menschheit hat in Auschwitz-Birkenau eine "finstere Schlucht" durchschritten. So möchte ich gerade an dieser Stelle mit einem Gebet des Vertrauens schließen – einem Psalm Israels, der zugleich ein Gebet der Christenheit ist: "Der Herr ist mein Hirte, nichts wird mir fehlen. Er läßt mich lagern auf grünen Auen und führt mich zum Ruheplatz am Wasser. Er stillt mein Verlangen, er leitet mich auf rechten Pfaden, treu seinem Namen. Muß ich auch wandern in finsterer Schlucht, ich fürchte kein Unheil, denn du bist bei mir, dein Stock und dein Stab geben mir Zuversicht [...] Im Haus des Herrn darf ich wohnen für lange Zeit" (Ps 23:1-4,6).

The cry to God

Where was God in those days?

We cannot peer into God's mysterious plan – we see only piecemeal, and we would be wrong to set ourselves up as judges of God and history. Then we would not be defending man, but only contributing to his downfall. No – when all is said and done, we must continue to cry out humbly yet insistently to God: Rouse yourself! Do not forget mankind, your creature! And our cry to God must also be a cry that pierces our very heart, a cry that awakens within us God's hidden presence – so that his power, the power he has planted in our hearts, will not be buried or choked within us by the mire of selfishness, pusillanimity, indifference or opportunism.
Let us cry out to God, with all our hearts, at the present hour, when new misfortunes befall us, when all the forces of darkness seem to issue anew from human hearts: whether it is the abuse of God's name as a means of justifying senseless violence against innocent persons, or the cynicism which refuses to acknowledge God and ridicules faith in him.
Let us cry out to God, that he may draw men and women to conversion and help them to see that violence does not bring peace, but only generates more violence – a morass of devastation in which everyone is ultimately the loser. The God in whom we believe is a God of reason – a reason, to be sure, which is not a kind of cold mathematics of the universe, but is one with love and with goodness. We make our prayer to God and we appeal to humanity, that this reason, the logic of love and the recognition of the power of reconciliation and peace, may prevail over the threats arising from irrationalism or from a spurious and godless reason. […] All these inscriptions speak of human grief, they give us a glimpse of the cynicism of that regime which treated men and women as material objects, and failed to see them as persons embodying the image of God. […]

The rulers of the Third Reich wanted to crush the entire Jewish people, to cancel it from the register of the peoples of the earth. Thus the words of the Psalm: "We are being killed, accounted as sheep for the slaughter" were fulfilled in a terrifying way. Deep down, those vicious criminals, by wiping out this people, wanted to kill the God who called Abraham, who spoke on Sinai and laid down principles to serve as a guide for mankind, principles that are eternally valid. If this people, by its very existence, was a witness to the God who spoke to humanity and took us to himself, then that God finally had to die and power had to belong to man alone – to those men, who thought that by force they had made themselves masters of the world. By destroying Israel, by the Shoah, they ultimately wanted to tear up the taproot of the Christian faith and to replace it with a faith of their own invention: faith in the rule of man, the rule of the powerful. […]
I felt a deep urge to pause in a particular way before the inscription in German. It evokes the face of Edith Stein, Theresia Benedicta a Cruce: a woman, Jewish and German, who disappeared along with her sister into the black night of the Nazi-German concentration camp; as a Christian and a Jew, she accepted death with her people and for them. The Germans who had been brought to Auschwitz-Birkenau and met their death here were considered as Abschaum der Nation – the refuse of the nation. Today we gratefully hail them as witnesses to the truth and goodness which even among our people were not eclipsed. We are grateful to them, because they did not submit to the power of evil, and now they stand before us like lights shining in a dark night. With profound respect and gratitude, then, let us bow our heads before all those who, like the three young men in Babylon facing death in the fiery furnace, could respond: "Only our God can deliver us. But even if he does not, be it known to you, O King, that we will not serve your gods and we will not worship the golden statue that you have set up" (Dan 3:17 f.).

By God's grace, together with the purification of memory demanded by this place of horror, a number of initiatives have sprung up with the aim of imposing a limit upon evil and confirming goodness. Just now I was able to bless the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer. In the immediate neighbourhood the Carmelite nuns carry on their life of hiddenness, knowing that they are united in a special way to the mystery of Christ's Cross and reminding us of the faith of Christians, which declares that God himself descended into the hell of suffering and suffers with us. In Oświęcim is the Centre of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, and the International Centre for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust. There is also the International House for Meetings of Young people. Near one of the old Prayer Houses is the Jewish Centre. Finally the Academy for Human Rights is presently being established. So there is hope that this place of horror will gradually become a place for constructive thinking, and that remembrance will foster resistance to evil and the triumph of love.
At Auschwitz-Birkenau humanity walked through a "valley of darkness". And so, here in this place, I would like to end with a prayer of trust – with one of the Psalms of Israel which is also a prayer of Christians: "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in right paths for his name's sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil. For you are with me, your rod and your staff – they comfort me ... I shall dwell in the house of the Lord my whole life long" (Ps 23:1-4,6).